Case Study

HV Upgrade, Bermondsey

Core Details




5 Weeks

Contract Model

NEC3 Option A


  • Extremely sensitive site due to the nature of the high voltage cable requirements being fed through a tunnel.
  • Confined space to install ventilation equipment and pumping equipment.

The Brief

Calstan Mechanical were awarded this project by KH Engineering Services to carry out the Design, equipment procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of the required tunnel ventilation equipment to regulate the tunnel temperature for High Voltage cable routing including the tunnel shaft sump pumping system for Thames Tideway.

The Scope

The tunnel ventilation scope involves the installation of a framework aligning with the Ventilation AFC design, ensuring safe operation and component removal within the confined space. This includes mounting the framework on a pre-installed concrete base, setting up ducting, dampeners, and louvres for each fan unit system. Lifting beams are utilized for fan installation and maintenance, and anti-condensation heaters are installed on motors. Motor and ventilation control panel cabinets are integrated with SCADA, Fire Alarm, and DTS systems. Testing procedures cover air flow, noise, integration, function, motor temperature, and bearing monitoring. Meanwhile, the below-ground pumped shaft drainage system installation involves Unistrut support bracketry, DN 50 pipework, cast iron valves, and air valves. High-level cable support brackets are fixed to the void’s side, with guide wires and spacer brackets at the pump cradle base. Two 3-phase submersible Flygt pumps (one duty, one standby) are installed on mounting stools, and a wall-mounted control panel with level probes is connected to the SCADA alarm system.

The Outcome

Following the successful handover and comprehensive testing and examination conducted by all stakeholders, unanimous satisfaction was expressed with the completed works. The meticulous attention to detail and adherence to project specifications were particularly noteworthy, contributing to the overall positive sentiment among all parties involved. The collaborative efforts of the project team not only ensured the fulfillment of initial objectives but also fostered a sense of confidence and trust in the project’s outcomes.

Client Feedback

We would like to express our utmost satisfaction with our team’s successful handling of a highly sensitive project. The positive feedback emphasises our seamless collaboration, effective communication, and timely delivery, instilling trust and confidence in your capabilities.

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