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The Brief

Calstan Mechanical was enlisted by a fit-out and interior client to renovate two luxurious bathrooms for an exclusive residence in North London. Site inspections revealed a challenge faced by the house chefs, experiencing interruptions in heating when the gas hobs were operational. Upon evaluating the gas supply to the property, it was evident that the incoming supply was undersized. Calstan received instructions to proceed with the design and installation of a new plant room, along with related enhancements to the gas supply.

The Scope

The scope of this project encompasses the comprehensive design and refurbishment of a new plant room, involving the removal of the existing plant room infrastructure. The key components for installation include three Keston boilers, a water softener, hot water cylinders, booster tank, expansion vessel, gas interlock system, and pressurisation unit. The entire system will undergo rigorous pressure testing to ensure optimal functionality and will be meticulously commissioned to guarantee seamless operation. This project aims to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the heating system while adhering to industry standards and safety protocols.

The Outcome

Following the successful completion of the project, we delivered a comprehensive operational and maintenance manual to our client. This detailed manual not only provided thorough instructions but also served as a valuable resource to ensure the longevity of the installed assets.

Key components of the operational and maintenance manual included the inclusion of Testing and Commissioning Certificates completed during the project works.

Furthermore, to support the client in the continued upkeep of their newly installed infrastructure, a full annual maintenance contract was established for the forthcoming years. In this way, our commitment to delivering excellence extended beyond the project’s completion, fostering a long-term partnership with the client.

Client Feedback

During the handover, both the client and the owner participated in a comprehensive walkthrough of the newly installed system. Both parties expressed their satisfaction with the completed works, highlighting Calstan’s ability to successfully execute the project within the allocated time frames and with minimal disruption to the operational building. The owner, impressed by the outcome, subsequently entrusted Calstan with managing the maintenance and future project works for their estate of properties across central London. This positive collaboration serves as a testament to Calstan’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

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